About Blade Shapes

Artificial grass has come a long way since its early introduction in the 70s.  With time and technology advances, manufacturers have developed more lifelike products with varying blade shapes to reduce the plastic sheen and increase the visual volume.  The blade shape is a factor that often goes unconsidered by homeowners, but it’s one that can play a major role in the performance of your turf and its suitability for your household. From durability to natural appearance and from softness to light reflection, the blade shape you choose will dictate which artificial grass products are right for you.

The 3D ‘W’ fiber is a strong fiber that can withstand large amounts of pressure and helps the turf, as a whole, bounce back to its original state. The blade offers multiple support points, which allow for greater durability and a “memory” effect. The turf will bounce back to its original state, despite the surface weight.

“C” Blade shape fibers give a realistic appearance and a softer feel. Most commonly used for residential and commercial property landscape installations, the “C” Shape has the visual appeal of natural grass but the strength to not split or collapse and prevents matting or tangling.

The “S” Blade is built utilizing an S’s curves to reflect less sunlight – giving it a more natural and realistic appearance. The extra volume in shape and increased durability in the surface area give the blade moderate traffic resilience.

The Oval Blade shape provides a soft feel with a realistic appearance. The thicker width of the blade makes the fibers more pliable, making this blade shape ideal for handling light to moderate traffic.

Constructed with a reinforced back for increased resistance and resiliency, the C-Spine is similar to the “C” shape, with a realistic look and feel but stronger construction. The added spine provides a beautiful appearance with the strength for moderate foot traffic.

The Corrugated blade has a unique shape that allows for enhanced recovery and stability. The intricate shape also reduces shine and creates a more visual texture and depth in each blade, making this shape ideal for residential and commercial projects with moderate traffic.

The curvature on the “U” shaped blades is designed to create a visual feeling of added depth to your turf, especially when viewed from above. The broader blades result in the natural look of a strong and healthy landscape, bringing to life any project with moderate foot traffic.

This revolutionary fiber design of our “M” shape allows pressure to spread across multiple points on the blade; the weight distribution prevents the blade from tearing, resulting in a longer-lasting synthetic grass product that is ideal for areas with moderate amounts of traffic.

The Omega blade shape was engineered for daily use and higher foot traffic. Perfect for pet owners and play areas with moderate traffic, the blades can handle regular wear and tear without the blades losing shape.

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