3 Commonly Used Materials to Install Underneath Synthetic Turf

March 29, 2024

Artificial turf in Phoenix, AZ, is a popular landscape alternative with superior durability and evergreen splendor. More and more residents are opting for this cost-effective option. However, getting the most out of artificial turf requires more than premium products.

Depending on your property’s needs, DIY homeowners and landscape artists will want to install different materials beneath artificial turf. These installation accessories can leverage advanced drainage, weed prevention, child-proofing, and other benefits.

The three most common additions to synthetic grass products are weed barriers, underlayment pads, and shock-absorption pads. These materials can be found at SGW Arizona, the leading artificial grass distributor in Phoenix, AZ.

Read our guide to learn how these underlay additions support your synthetic grass lawn.

Weed barriers

Weeds are the number-one enemy of pristine landscapes. They invade your lawn, sapping nutrients from flowers and nearby plants. While herbicides and other chemicals mitigate weed growth, they can’t guarantee total protection.

Artificial turf products already inhibit weed growth, but adding a weed barrier guarantees near-total weed prevention. This sheer, non-woven accessory inhibits weeds while allowing proper drainage of your synthetic grass landscape.

This non-toxic product easily fits beneath artificial turf products. It protects backyard putting greens, playground turf, and other synthetic turf products from a pesky weed invasion.

Underlayment pads

Homeowners aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the benefits of artificial turf. Renters can refresh their apartment balconies with synthetic grass products. Pet owners can create designated potty pads with pet-friendly turf indoors or on the patio.

Hard surfaces like wood or concrete can impair your experience of the gentle, cushioned texture that artificial grass provides. Adding an underlayment pad offers extra shock absorption, counteracting the hardness of the original surface.

An alternative to underlayment pads is a drainage grid. This is great for apartment patios and indoor applications, providing extra space between the artificial grass and the hard surface. Improved airflow prevents stale oxygen from getting trapped and fostering bacteria.

Drainage grids benefit pet owners by efficiently removing pet messes, fostering a healthier and more comfortable environment. Combine a drainage grid and an underlayment pad for maximum comfort in your Phoenix, AZ, home.

Shock-absorbing pads

Artificial grass in Gilbert, AZ, is a popular choice for parents who want to design a fun and safe play space in their backyard. Our Playscape synthetic turf system provides superior cushioning to wood chips and other traditional playground materials.

Increase your child’s safety by installing TigerPad under foam padding. The additional shock absorption this provides combines with the natural cushioning of synthetic grass to create superior injury prevention. Your kids can freely run, romp, tumble and roll!

TigerPad is made from recycled materials, adding sustainability to the list of its benefits. There’s no need to sacrifice your eco-friendly values or your family’s safety when you choose synthetic turf in Gilbert, AZ.

Premium artificial turf from SGW Arizona

Whether you’re a DIY homeowner or landscape design pro, SGW Arizona has the products and installation accessories you need to create brilliant landscapes. We provide weed barriers, drainage grids, under-foam pads, and more.

As the leading artificial turf distributor in Phoenix, AZ, we’re proud to offer a range of American-made turf products. Direct delivery and flexible hours make our premium offerings more accessible than ever, including backyard putting greens and pet turf!

Call SGW Arizona today at 800.571.1018 or contact us online to refresh your home or business with premium synthetic grass products.

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