Is Pet Turf Really Safer Than Natural Grass for Your Furry Friends?

November 29, 2023

Creating a happy home for your pets requires more than decorating their doggy bed; ensuring they have a safe outdoor space to roam around and play is just as important. Contrary to what you might expect, natural grass isn’t always the best option.

Artificial grass in Phoenix, Gilbert and the wider Arizona area is perfect for your pets. SGW offers the highest-quality synthetic pet turf on the market, with durable, safe and chemical-free construction. It’ll make cleanup easier, too.

Read on to learn why artificial grass is the safest option for your furry friends.    

Soft on Paws

Hot weather in places like Phoenix or Gilbert can lead to burning surfaces that hurt your dog’s sensitive paws. As a result, pups spend more time indoors, sometimes leaving unpleasant messes for us to clean up. The solution is artificial pet turf.

Combining synthetic grass with cooling infill creates a more comfortable environment for dogs on hot days. The look and feel of artificial grass products are so lifelike that your dogs won’t tell the difference.

Invest in a synthetic turf lawn so your dogs can spend more time in their favorite play space. 

Chemical-Free Construction

Maintaining a pristine lawn with natural grass requires pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals. This creates a risky situation for curious dogs who may accidentally sniff or lick some of these chemicals. Eliminate this danger with SGW’s pet-friendly turf.

None of these chemicals are needed to keep synthetic grass looking its best. SGW’s high-quality turf products include additional protection. Every turf product we produce is certified non-toxic and lead-free, meaning that your pets will always be safe, no matter how hard they play!

Eliminates pests

During outdoor playtime, dogs can pick up ticks, fleas and other harmful pests that cause irritation and risk spreading diseases to your furry friend. It can be costly to combat these pesky insects, and the chemicals used are also harmful to dogs.

Installing artificial turf is the most efficient and cost-effective method for protecting your pets from pests. Ticks, fleas and mosquitos live in natural grass, especially during wet seasons. Replacing natural grass yards removes their chosen habitat.

Not only will you save your pet the irritation, but you’ll also save yourself the time and money associated with a trip to the vet. 

Artificial Turf is Better for Pets and Homeowners

Investing in quality artificial turf for your home is a unique and long-lasting solution for your pet’s outdoor needs. All SGW synthetic turf is non-toxic and lead-free, with durable construction that withstands the toughest playtimes.

If you require synthetic grass for your home, the professionals at SGW Arizona have the expertise and quality products you need. Call us at 800.571.1018 or contact us via online form to give your pet the outdoor oasis they deserve.

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