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SGW Phoenix makes it easier for Waddell, AZ, residents and business owners to elevate their properties through effective synthetic grass distribution. Our dedicated team provides guidance, support, and a vertically integrated business model that cuts out the middleman to save you money. Our diverse artificial grass products cater to a range of lifestyles, needs, and interests in Waddell, AZ. With SGW Phoenix, you can bring your dream landscape to life!

We focus on American-made products, including IPEMA-certified playground turf. This way, we ensure our customers receive only the highest-quality artificial turf. Our synthetic turf products include landscape turf, pet turf, and backyard putting greens. The life-like feel and vivid appearance of synthetic grass create a comfortable oasis in your Waddell, AZ, home. While it looks beautiful, it’s engineered tough. Artificial grass withstands fierce summers without fading or yellowing like natural grass. The best part? You don’t have to water synthetic grass to enjoy the rich green colors. You’ll save money on bills and improve water conservation, which appeals to those who value sustainability. Skip the hassle of regular maintenance and save money on costly equipment, chemicals, and fertilizers by investing in quality synthetic grass from SGW Phoenix. Your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood as it boasts a Springtime green amid the desert landscape. Call us today at 800.571.1018 or contact us online for a free quote.

Pet-Owner Preferred Synthetic Grass Distribution

Providing dogs with a safe space to play and lounge is essential to dog ownership. SGW Phoenix helps with unique pet turf systems that pets and pet owners will love. These synthetic turf products feature a gentle, life-like feel and advanced technology that increases cleanliness and fosters a healthy environment. Not only will you deal with fewer messes, but you’ll also spend less money patching up holes.

Dogs love to play rough and dig holes, a nightmare for your Waddell, AZ, landscape. However, you won’t have to worry with artificial turf’s durable construction and supportive backings. Our pet turf products are engineered to withstand the roughest playtimes. They also feature advanced drainage systems, so pet messes disappear quickly without leaving unpleasant odors behind. Antimicrobial infill eliminates lingering bacteria, so you and your family enjoy a clean landscape. Artificial turf removes the need for harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, protecting curious pups from ingesting these materials. All synthetic turf is non-toxic and lead-free, so you get peace of mind alongside a beautiful Waddell, AZ, landscape. Our pet turf is hypoallergenic to protect sensitive dogs and maximize comfort. Investing in quality artificial turf is a great way to give your pet the dog park of their dreams! To learn more about pet turf products and how they can transform your home, contact SGW Phoenix today!

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Long-Term Quality Guaranteed in Waddell, AZ

We aim to provide years of customer satisfaction through premium artificial turf distribution. We don’t stop at the final product. Instead, we support a seamless integration with your Waddell, AZ, home by providing installation accessories and guidance. Our friendly staff combines expertise with a smile to create a memorable customer service experience. This long-term quality commitment makes SGW Phoenix the preferred artificial turf distributor in Waddell, AZ.

Our artificial grass is unmatched in durability and comes with a 10 year warranty to prove it.

Artificial turf products are engineered to last for years. Robust backings support turf fibers against foot traffic, while weather-resistant technology guards against intense Waddell, AZ, sunshine. Adding an AirDrain grid improves ventilation to cool synthetic grass during the summer, creating a more comfortable landscape. Between engineering and accessories, your artificial grass will last as long as you call Waddell, AZ, home. We guarantee longevity with a 15-year manufacturer warranty on landscape turf and an 8-year manufacturer warranty on putting greens. If you notice signs of premature deterioration, we’ll replace your synthetic turf at no additional cost or provide a credit of a proportional amount. Our primary concern is providing vivid, evergreen lawns made of premium synthetic grass that lasts. If you’re ready to discover the life-changing benefits of artificial turf, call SGW Phoenix at 800.571.1018 or contact us online today!

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For over 20 years, we’ve supported the lifestyles and aesthetic visions of Waddell, AZ, residents and business owners. Through synthetic turf distribution, we’ve elevated businesses and created safe outdoor spaces for families and pets. We designed our business to simplify artificial grass distribution for Waddell, AZ, residents. Our vertical integration cuts out the middleman, delivering high-quality turf products directly to you. We offer flexible business hours and a dedicated team of artificial turf experts ready to assist with whatever you need. Our commitment to unrivaled customer service has garnered hundreds of happy customers and testimonials. Join our community by contacting us online and receive a free quote.

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We are committed to providing the best artificial turf products at competitive prices. Our warehouse carries the most advanced synthetic grass products available, engineered to look and feel like real grass. Every turf product is made with high quality materials that are safe for everyone, especially children and pets.

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SGW has always stood out among competitors, offering new products with the latest technology.

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The only thing better than our grass is our customer service. Our staff is committed to providing the best experience possible for our clients.

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At SGW we only offer products that maintains a high standard of quality. Backed by up to a 10 year warranty, the best in the industry.