3 Effective Ways Turf Grass Can Help You Beat the Heat

August 31, 2023

As temperatures rise, so does the quest to find innovative ways to stay cool and comfortable. One solution that’s gaining popularity in Phoenix, Arizona, is the use of synthetic turf grass. Not only does it offer the beautiful, green appearance of natural grass without the maintenance, but it also provides certain features that can help homeowners beat the heat. If you’re one of the many Phoenix homeowners searching artificial grass near me, here are three ways this innovative product can keep your outdoor spaces cooler.

Choosing Artificial Grass with UV Protection

The intense sun can not only be harsh on us but also on our landscapes. Fortunately, certain artificial turf products come with built-in UV protection. Such products, like TigerCool, are designed to reflect sunlight rather than absorb it. This technology ensures that your synthetic grass remains cooler, even during the peak hours of a hot day. Additionally, this UV protection helps in maintaining the vibrant green color of the turf, making sure it doesn’t fade over time.

Incorporating Infill With Your Installation

One of the key components of a synthetic turf installation is the infill. While many people might think of infill as just filler, it plays a crucial role in temperature control. Certain infills, like Zeofill, are designed specifically to keep your artificial turf cool, even when the blazing sun has been hitting it all day. The Zeofill infill absorbs water and slowly releases it, creating a cooling effect on the surface of your artificial grass. So, while you enjoy the aesthetic appeal of your lawn, you also benefit from the temperature-regulating features of a thoughtfully chosen infill, ensuring you and your family’s feet won’t burn on the synthetic grass.

Opting for Effective Permeable Backing

An often overlooked feature when it comes to turf is its backing. A good permeable backing can make all the difference in hotter climates. It aids in efficient drainage, ensuring that any water used on the turf, whether it’s from rain or a sprinkler, doesn’t get trapped. Efficient drainage ensures a cooler and more comfortable surface, especially when combined with the other features mentioned above.

Artificial turf offers more than just aesthetic appeal. When chosen wisely and with features that combat the heat, it can transform your outdoor space into a cool environment, even on the hottest days. Interested in exploring more about synthetic turf options? Check out our wide range of products or get in touch with our artificial turf experts today by calling us at 800-571-1018. We look forward to helping you beat the heat.

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