3 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out With Artificial Turf

October 30, 2023

Making your business stand out is an essential part of growth; however, doing so with natural grass can be costly and labor-intensive. It requires constant watering, pesticides, weeding and other maintenance that comes with expensive resources.

Choosing to install artificial turf in Phoenix can achieve the same goal with significantly less hassle. This low-maintenance landscaping option makes it easier to get creative with your business. Install a putting green, pet turf, and playground turf on your property with ease.

Read on for exciting ideas on using synthetic grass to elevate your business. 


Artificial turf can add a vivid green color and a natural atmosphere to your gym space. Synthetic turf engineered with a short pile height is optimal for running and jumping activities. It provides increased traction alongside protective padding.

Make your business stand out in desert cities like Phoenix and Gilbert, AZ. While other gyms keep to the dirt and concrete appearance, your property will pop with evergreen lusciousness. 

When installed with proper padding underneath, synthetic turf protects from high-intensity, high-impact activities. Promote these safety benefits to attract new members. The durability of your artificial grass will ensure 15+ years of satisfied gym goers.   

Dog Parks

Dog-friendly businesses will love the pet turf provided by a trustworthy artificial turf manufacturer. Not only do they provide comfort for their sensitive paws, but they also have superior drainage systems to combat the messes our furry friends occasionally make.

Drainage systems are sewn into the design of SGW’s high-quality synthetic turf. Fluids and organic materials quickly drain into the soil below, reducing unpleasant smells and preventing unwanted puddles. Synthetic fibers don’t absorb odors, either.

Artificial grass with drainage systems also prevents mud build-up following heavy rainfalls. Customers can visit your business or dog run without worrying about dirty paws afterward.

Restaurants, Patios, and Rooftops

Restaurants in Phoenix, Gilbert, and beyond can benefit from artificial grass. Install turf as part of an outdoor dining area to give the space a natural feel without the hassle of regular watering, weeding, or pesticides. Synthetic grass stands up to furniture and foot traffic better, too.

Get creative with an artificial grass backdrop to attract influencers seeking aesthetic delights. Customers will enjoy taking photos utilizing your turf backdrop, providing free word-of-mouth promotion for your business.

Create a unique dining space by infusing a patio or rooftop with a natural feel using synthetic grass. Staff members will be more comfortable walking across artificial turf, creating a win-win for workers and diners. Choose a synthetic turf seller to upgrade your Arizona business.

Better Business with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass provides unique opportunities to make your business stand out. Easily install an outdoor putting green for diners or transform your rooftop bar. SGW Arizona is an artificial turf manufacturer that provides top-tier synthetic turf products for Arizona businesses.

Whether you want to add creative cushioning to your gym, a dog-friendly green space, or boost your restaurant business, SGW can help. Our synthetic grass is designed with superior drainage systems, durability, and a lush, evergreen aesthetic. Contact us at 800-571-1018 or via our online form today.

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