Artificial Grass Install Accessories That Should Be in Every Installer’s Toolkit

December 29, 2023

Getting the most out of your synthetic grass in Phoenix depends on quality installation and the tools used. Improper installation leads to uneven surfaces that look unappealing and pose a risk to those walking access turf lawns — especially children.

Improper installation also reduces the longevity of your artificial grass, as air or other materials can’t drain properly, causing water build-up and other damaging effects. However, a quality turf installation is easy with the right tools!

SGW Arizona has premium turf install accessories to ensure that your customers are satisfied with their artificial grass. Read on for the essential install items for your tool kit.

Weed Barrier

As with buildings, the foundation dictates the quality and longevity of an artificial grass landscape. It supports the low-maintenance quality of synthetic grass by preventing weeds from popping up through turf fibers.

Installing a Weed Fabric liner beneath synthetic turf guarantees that Dandelions, crabgrass and other weeds can’t gain a foothold in your landscape. This protection doesn’t interfere with drainage, so your clients will enjoy weed protection and a clean lawn. It seamlessly fits beneath our quality turf products, so your clients will never know it’s there!

Once it’s down, the weed barrier provides constant support for synthetic turf landscapes without interrupting the even surface or seamless drainage of fluids.


Unlike natural grass, artificial turf doesn’t have roots. This fact means turf installers must secure the turf to the ground through other means. Once properly secured, synthetic turf in Phoenix can withstand foot traffic, storms, high winds and anything else you might throw at it.

The three tools used to secure artificial turf are staples, turf glue and stakes. The staples pin the turf down while you line up each piece, ensuring a perfect layout. The glue sticks each piece together to create an even surface. Finally, the stakes secure the turf to the earth.

Our composite plastic stakes feature a natural brown shade to blend with your landscape. Once the stakes are down, your clients can rest easy knowing their synthetic grass will last. 

Turf Infill

No synthetic grass installation is complete without turf infill. It keeps the turf blades upright for a lively and lush appearance while weighting the turf down, further securing it. SGW Arizona provides various infill options to meet your client’s needs in Phoenix and Gilbert.

Envirofill is manufactured from naturally occurring sands to improve sustainability while stabilizing synthetic turf. For extra weed protection, you might choose our Pre-emergent infill or, for a durability boost, install our premium silica infill.

Whatever your client’s needs, SGW Arizona provides the infill options to meet them. Give their lawn the look and feel of natural grass with high-quality turf infill. 

AirDrain Grid

The AirDrain Grid is installed beneath artificial turf in Phoenix, AZ, to improve airflow and drainage efficiency. It creates a 1-inch “air void” that lowers the surface temperature by allowing air movement beneath your synthetic grass landscape.

An AirDrain is a useful addition to pet turf. The improved drainage quickly removes pet messes and other fluids, creating a healthier environment for the whole family. This system prevents the build-up of bacteria, mold, odors and stagnant air.

The AirDrain grid has the added benefit of improved shock attenuation, so your clients will enjoy a safer landscape all around!


Contractors working on kid-centric areas like family backyards or playgrounds will want to install a TigerPad underpadding beneath artificial grass. This extra layer of safety ensures that children are safe while they play, adding a cushion against falls that might otherwise cause injuries.

Our premium underpadding is made with recycled materials for improved sustainability. It was manufactured with safety as the highest priority, ensuring maximum shock absorption for synthetic turf in Phoenix.  

Essential Synthetic Turf Accessories

All of these accessories improve the star of the show—the artificial turf! SGW Arizona is proud to be Arizona’s premier artificial turf distributor, providing contractors with the highest-quality turf on the market. Choose our industry-leading turf, and you’re halfway to a successful install.

Call us today at 800.571.1018 or contact us online to stack your toolkit with top-of-the-life turf installation accessories.

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