Everything You Need to Know About Backing in Artificial Grass

October 30, 2023

Artificial turf is a versatile landscaping option. It can be used for residential lawns, outdoor putting green, playground turf, and pet-friendly spaces. With several options and suppliers, customers may need help choosing a synthetic turf seller.

One key to identifying quality synthetic turf distributors is the backing. Turf backing does more than hold the individual turf fibers in place.

Read on to learn about the impact of quality artificial turf backing.

The Importance of Backing

Quality backing significantly impacts the longevity and effectiveness of your synthetic lawn, especially for residential properties. A quality backing will effortlessly drain water and organic waste into the soil below.

Drainage does more than maintain the lush appearance of your synthetic turf. Poor backings prevent efficient draining, leading to puddles, bubbling turf, and unwanted odors in the case of dog messes. Quality backing contributes to your overall satisfaction.

Poor drainage will result in increased maintenance for your synthetic grass. While rainfall is rare in places like Phoenix, insufficient backing will also impact root aeration for backyards with trees. Backing is essential to keeping your landscape pristine with minimal cost.

How Do Synthetic Turf Backings Work?

Artificial turf backings are typically produced in two layers. The first acts as a base for the synthetic grass fibers, while the second improves durability and comfort. Latex was the popular choice for the second layer, but recently, more and more people have seen the benefits of polyurethane.

SGW Arizona is a trusted artificial grass manufacturer that engineers synthetic grass products with K29 quadruple-layer backing. In fact, all of our TigerTurf Diamond Turf series are supported with this specific backing technology that has been proven to significantly improve seam strength and permeability. This innovation is one reason why SGW Arizona’s synthetic turf lasts 15+ years.

These layers work together to create a durable hold on synthetic grass fibers, allowing air, fluids, and organic matter to pass seamlessly through. Due to a weak hold, subpar backings will fray and fall apart much sooner. 

Polyurethane and Latex

The benefits of polyurethane far outweigh those of traditional latex backings. Polyurethane is more flexible and resilient, improving the lifespan of your artificial turf installation in Gilbert and beyond. Its light weight makes installation fast and easy.

Polyurethane is better for drainage, too. Water passes more easily through this water-resistant plastic, preventing harmful water buildup. It creates a more comfortable environment for pets and people by preventing pesky weed growth.

Those with concerns over microplastics can rest easy. SGW Arizona’s polyurethane backings are pet-friendly and kid-safe. They are also recyclable, reducing environmental impacts on places with high water demand, such as Phoenix, Gilbert, and the surrounding area.

Quality “Backed” Artificial Turf

Quality backing is essential when choosing artificial grass in Arizona. Subpar backing can split apart, producing holes that eradicate curb appeal and cause technical issues. This is why it’s vital to choose a premier synthetic turf seller.

SGW Arizona is an artificial turf distributor who’s worked hard to craft high-quality synthetic grass with grade-A backings. Our K29 quadruple-layer backing increases durability and drainage. Contact us at 800-571-1018 or via our online form today.

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