Everything You Need To Know About Sub-Bases in Artificial Turf

February 27, 2024

Artificial turf in Phoenix provides a lush, evergreen appearance that seamlessly integrates with your home layout. However, installing synthetic grass can be complicated for homeowners or landscapers new to artificial grass installation.

SGW Arizona offers the synthetic grass products and turf installation accessories necessary for DIY homeowners and emerging landscapers to install artificial grass successfully. We also provide information on the various stages of turf installation and how to complete them.

A sub-base is an essential step in all successful artificial grass landscapes. Read on to learn the role of a sub-base and how to complete this stage of synthetic turf installations correctly.

What is a Sub-Base?

The sub-base is used beneath your artificial grass products as a crucial support. It is installed after you’ve cleared the space of excess materials, including soil and weeds, and before laying down the chosen synthetic grass products.

A sub-base is made of a mixture of compact materials to create a smooth foundation for installing artificial grass. There are various types of sub-bases made of different material mixtures. Different sub-bases offer different benefits.

The Importance of a Sub-Base

A solid sub-base is essential for stability in your synthetic grass installation. If you don’t have a compact sub-base, your artificial turf will begin to sink into the soft soil, creating an uneven surface soon after completion.

The sub-base also acts as an anchor for turf stakes, keeping your synthetic turf landscape in place during daily use and inclement weather. It maximizes your artificial grass product’s durability, allowing you to get the most out of your new lawn.

If you’re installing artificial grass onto a deck or concrete, there’s no need to use a sub-base. There will be ample structural support from the pre-existing surface. It’s when installing on soil that a sub-base becomes necessary.

Sub-Base Options

There are two popular types of sub-base that you can use for artificial turf installation in Gilbert, AZ. They are crushed miscellaneous base (CMB) and decomposed granite (DG). The sub-base you choose will depend on the type of synthetic grass you use.

A crushed miscellaneous base combines recycled concrete, asphalt, and a sand/gravel mixture. Decomposed granite is a mixture of granite rock mixed with sand and clay.

The significant difference between these two is cost. Decomposed granite bases are more expensive, but this doesn’t mean they are the better option.

How to Choose the Right Underlay

The sub-base you choose depends on the specifics of your landscape and the artificial grass you’re working with. If you didn’t previously have natural grass, you may need a more compact sub-base to support your synthetic turf landscape.

Decomposed granite produces a smoother surface, vital for an even and comfortable landscape. It is more compact and ideal for fresh landscapes without a pre-existing soil bed.

Despite the smoother finish, CMB is the more popular choice due to its lower cost and the superior drainage it provides. This is vital if your home landscape receives a lot of rain or if you’re installing pet turf.

A variant of CMB known as Class II road base is recommended for commercial turf projects as it is put through higher levels of testing. Class II is the ideal choice for backyard putting greens.

The Sub-Base Installation Process

Begin the installation process by clearing pre-existing materials from your lawn. This includes grass, weeds, pacing, shingles, and anything else that prevents the even distribution of sub-base material. Be sure to protect wires and pipes before moving on.

Next, level off the area you intend to cover, ensuring no unintended gradients in your artificial grass lawn. If you’re using decomposed granite, install it to a 25-50mm depth and compact it to create a solid base.

Add a weed barrier to prevent intrusive growths from spouting through your synthetic turf products. If you’re installing playground turf, add a Tiger Pad for extra fall protection. Then, add an AirDrain grid to your artificial grass to complete the installation.

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