Explore the Science and Engineering Behind Artificial Turf

April 30, 2024

The popular landscape alternative known as synthetic grass offers many tantalizing benefits. Its sustainable, low-maintenance design creates a lavish environment that withstands regular foot traffic, pets, and extreme weather.

For landscapers wanting to take advantage of this revolutionary technology, it’s essential to understand the science and engineering behind it. The more you know, the better you can service your clients with artificial turf in Phoenix, AZ.

At SGW Arizona, we specialize in synthetic grass products manufactured to the highest standards. Read on to learn how science and engineering combine to support durable, stunning landscapes with a lifelike allure.

The Science of Synthetic Grass

The unique appeal of landscape turf comes from combining three key elements: backing material, artificial grass fibers, and infill. The backing adds crucial support, holding turf blades in place to prevent ripping or matting, especially from over-eager pets.

SGW Arizona provides synthetic grass products with lighter and more flexible polyethylene backings, allowing your lawn to adjust to the weather without damage. Each blade is carefully woven and triple-reinforced for maximum durability.

Fibers are carefully cut and shaped from polyethylene, a non-toxic and lead-free material, to mimic the gentle texture of natural grass, giving artificial turf its luxury appeal. Unique formulas are employed to guard the verdant colors from prolonged sun exposure. 

Lastly, turf infill is a key installation accessory that adds ballast, preventing shifts due to foot traffic. Infill also holds turf fibers upright, preserving their shape and the lush, fully-grown aesthetic that homeowners love.

Artificial Turf Materials

The materials used for synthetic grass determine the quality of your experience. While each has its own benefits, you may have a preference based on your needs. It’s also worth noting that, naturally, the material impacts the cost of synthetic grass distribution in Gilbert, AZ.

Nylon Turf

Nylon offers superior durability, ideal for artificial putting greens and playground turf. It can withstand frequent use without sacrificing the soft texture. However, nylon is the most expensive synthetic turf material and requires experts to be correctly installed.

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene offers exceptional comfort with the most natural feel. This material is often used in landscape turf and artificial pet turf and features efficient drainage and UV resistance, ensuring a clean and cool lawn. This is the ideal artificial turf in Phoenix, AZ.

Polypropylene (PP)

This is the most affordable material, but it comes at the expense of durability. It is less heat-resistant and may not hold up against high-traffic areas. However, polypropylene turf can create a lavish, decorative green space.

How Synthetic Turf is Manufactured

The manufacturing process of artificial grass products is complex, ensuring a quality finish that lasts 18-20 years. At SGW Arizona, we use only American-made turf that has been rigorously tested to meet the highest standards.

Step one: A specialized machine creates long strands of synthetic turf that boast vivid, freshly-grown hues. These strands are cut and shaped to mimic the feel of natural grass. The typical length falls between millimeters and centimeters.

Step two: The backing is created through woven or non-woven techniques, depending on the manufacturer. Artificial fibers are carefully entwined to produce maximum stability for synthetic grass landscapes. Then, a coat of polyurethane is added to secure the backing.

Step three: Once the backing and fibers are ready, the last step is to join them. The fibers are evenly woven or tufted onto the backing, creating a soft, cushioned surface that feels as welcoming as natural grass.

Once artificial turf products are complete, they are rolled and packaged, ready for whoever needs synthetic grass distribution.

Premium Artificial Turf Products from SGW Arizona

Whether you’re a homeowner, landscaper designer, or small business, SGW Arizona can provide you with premium synthetic grass to elevate your property. Since 2004, we’ve been the leading artificial turf distributor in Gilbert, AZ.

We offer direct delivery and same-day shipping, so you get your products faster and cheaper. Our services include pet turf, playground turf, and artificial putting greens. Our friendly support team is on hand to provide insight into our exhaustive 50+ product line.

Call SGW Arizona today at 800.571.1018 or contact us online for a free quote!

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