Here Are 4 Advantages of Playground Turf That Children & Parents Love

May 24, 2024

The playground is the epicenter of your child’s world. It’s where games are played, secret codes are invented, relationships are forged and memories are made. For this reason, it’s essential that your child has a safe place to play, either on their own or with other children.

While natural grass, wood chips, and rubber are often used, artificial grass in Phoenix, AZ, is a superior option. It protects your children from fall injuries while saving you money on daily maintenance. Synthetic turf is a win-win landscape solution for parents and children!

If you still need convincing, here are our top reasons home and business owners should consider switching to synthetic grass for their playgrounds.

Shock Absorbent for Playgrounds

Whether at a school or in your backyard, playgrounds must meet certain safety requirements to ensure your little ones are safe while they enjoy their free time. At SGW Arizona, we offer IPEMA-certified playground turf engineered to maximize safety.

Our playground turf is engineered for optimal shock absorption, protecting your children from bruises, head injuries, and other common playground mishaps. Add an eco-friendly TigerPad beneath your artificial grass playground to increase shock absorption and protect children from falls of up to 10 feet. 

When safety is the goal, there’s no better solution than synthetic turf products from SGW Arizona. You’ll enjoy peace of mind while your children enjoy time in the sun!

Lifelike Appearance

With natural grass, the play area you create is dictated by your location. Urban sprawls and desert climates aren’t the most comfortable or aesthetically appealing play spaces. Use artificial grass in Gilbert, AZ, to create a picture-perfect playground no matter where you live!

Synthetic turf features the gentle, lifelike texture and verdant hues of natural grass without the maintenance hassle required to preserve them. Playground turf doesn’t need water, fertilizer, mowing, or lawn chemicals to stay in pristine shape. Enjoy the evergreen allure for 18-20 years with little to no maintenance!

The lifelike design of synthetic turf products allows your child’s playground to blend seamlessly with the rest of your home landscape. Unlike wood chips or small stones, artificial grass matches the verdant hues of natural grass to preserve your home’s curb appeal.

When you choose landscape turf for your home playground or local park, you get all the beauty and comfort of natural grass with none of the issues.

Minimize Common Injuries

Falls aren’t the only source of injuries. Kids love to run, jump, tackle, and slide around the playground. This enthusiasm can cause many injuries, including scuffed knees, scratches, and deeper cuts. Protect your child from avoidable injuries by choosing artificial turf products for your playground.

Synthetic grass fibers are engineered from soft, flexible materials that bend easily and don’t leave scratches. Your children can romp freely without worrying about minor injuries disrupting their fun. Thanks to artificial turf, even pesky grass stains will be a thing of the past!

When you combine the gentle texture of synthetic grass, a foam underpadding, and antimicrobial turf infill, you provide maximum safety for your little ones. The playground should be a place where your children feel most free to be themselves. Don’t let injuries get in the way of their free-roaming enthusiasm.

Weather-Resistant Design

It may not be obvious, but weather resistance is essential for your playground. Artificial turf in Phoenix, AZ, reinforces your playground against wind, rain, storms and scorching summers. Your playground will provide maximum comfort year-round. Say goodbye to uncomfortable lawns plagued by bald patches, dry soil, and burnt grass.

Whereas wood chips stay wet for days and rubber surfaces can become scorching hot, synthetic grass remains dry and cool. Efficient drainage systems and water-repellent fibers prevent puddles from turning your playground into a muddy quagmire.

At SGW Arizona, we offer products optimized by TigerCool technology, which reduces surface temperatures by 15 percent. UV inhibitors protect the verdant hues from fading, even during the height of summer. Synthetic grass is engineered to withstand the roughest playtimes and the fiercest weather without damage.

High-Quality Playground Turf from SGW Arizona

Looking to create a safe playground for kids? Consider artificial grass in Gilbert, AZ! At SGW Arizona, we provide home and business owners with high-quality products and exemplary customer services, making synthetic turf distribution fast and easy.

We offer direct delivery and same-day shipping to get you the synthetic turf products you need as soon as possible. When you trust SGW Arizona with your artificial grass distribution, you’ll spend less time waiting and more time playing with your kids. Our services include pet turf, landscape turf, artificial putting greens, and installation accessories.

Call SGW Arizona today at 800.571.1018 or contact us online for a free quote on your next landscape project.

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