How Do You Know if Wholesale Artificial Turf Is Right for You?

January 22, 2024

Purchasing artificial turf wholesale is a cost-effective choice that many businesses will prefer. However, the specific benefits of wholesale synthetic grass will depend on your particular business and market demands.

SGW offers artificial turf wholesale in Phoenix, AZ, to support various business owners. Landscapers, supply stores, contractors, and interior designers can benefit from this efficient buying option. 

If you’re unsure whether your business is in a place to benefit from this buying partnership, read on for our informative guide.

Benefits for Landscapers

Landscapers cater to the various needs of Arizona residents, including families and business owners. Wholesale buying gives landscapers access to diverse synthetic grass products to meet their differing clients’ needs.

SGW Arizona offers pet turf, playground turf, putting greens and landscape turf engineered to satisfy your customers. These high-quality offerings will help emerging landscapers gain a foothold in their local community while established brands can elevate their offerings.

Diverse product supplies allow landscapers to craft dynamic environments tailored to each client’s needs. Combining kid-friendly turf with premium landscape turf is one way this diverse product supply can maximize your creativity.

Installation accessories at affordable prices give landscapers everything they need to ensure a pristine synthetic grass installation. SGW Arizona ensures you have every tool you need for every job—every time.

Stock Your Landscape Supply Store

Synthetic grass is still an emerging trend in landscape design. Few stores, whether brick-and-mortar or online, have a complete supply of artificial turf products. This creates a unique opportunity for stores to get ahead of the competition.

Offering your customers a robust product supply through wholesale artificial turf in Gilbert, AZ will make you an industry leader. As this trend increases in popularity, you’ll become the one-stop shop for synthetic grass.

Alongside diverse turf products, offering turf installation accessories like seam glue or AirDrain grids will allow you to add up-and-coming landscapers to your customer base.

Running a supply store is a costly endeavor. SGW Arizona offers special prices for wholesale artificial turf, helping small business owners save money and draw in new customers with an expanded product line.

Synthetic Grass for Construction Contractors

Synthetic turf offers unique benefits to construction projects, chief among them a low-maintenance quality and greater longevity. Including these benefits in initial project estimates will help you win over your client’s business.

Last-minute alterations are common in construction jobs. It’s better to be the person with the solution on hand than one of the many asking questions. Wholesale keeps you stocked and ready for last-minute demands.

As clients learn of your ready supply of synthetic turf products, they’ll turn to you more frequently, trusting that you’ll have what they need.

Interior Design with Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf isn’t just for outdoor landscapes. An appealing quality of synthetic grass is that it doesn’t need water or sunlight to look freshly grown. Interior designers can offer creative solutions to their clients using artificial turf products.

Utilize synthetic turf to create marvelous interior spaces, such as green walls, lined halls, and even indoor putting greens. Artificial turf wholesale allows for dynamic innovations that will make you the go-to interior designer in Arizona.

Synthetic grass can easily be installed in areas challenging for natural grass, such as balconies and apartments. This quality further expands your design powers, setting you apart from the competition and creating unique selling points for your business.

Synthetic Turf Guidance from SGW Arizona

If you’re unfamiliar with synthetic grass, the experts at SGW Arizona are here to help. We have an expansive knowledge of artificial turf products, installation accessories, client/customer needs, and trending landscape designs with synthetic turf.

Our direct-from-warehouse delivery makes wholesale artificial grass more accessible to up-and-coming landscape businesses and designers. We also offer turf installation accessories so you can immediately service your clients with synthetic grass.

With over 45 different artificial turf products, you’ll have everything you need to succeed with synthetic grass in Phoenix, AZ. Call us at 800.571.1018 or contact us online for a free quote.

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