How Synthetic Turf Eliminates Unnecessary Irrigation Costs

November 29, 2023

Homeowners in Phoenix, Gilbert and the wider Arizona area pour time, money and resources into achieving that evergreen curb appeal. Unfortunately, even the most dedicated homeowners must install a costly irrigation system to keep their natural grass lawns fresh.

A cost-effective alternative to this system is artificial turf landscapes. Synthetic grass doesn’t require watering to keep its freshly grown look, allowing you to save on irrigation costs. This system enables you to achieve the desired curb appeal without the hassle.

There are four key ways that homeowners can benefit from choosing artificial grass over traditional irrigation systems.

Conserve Water to Minimize Costs

During hot Arizona summers, homeowners heavily water their lawns to maintain a fresh, verdant look. Costly irrigation systems are implemented to ensure regular watering, often leading to excess or insufficient watering.

Synthetic turf is famous for being low-maintenance. You can skip the daily watering and costly investment in irrigation systems, installation and the gallons of water spent on maintaining traditional lawns.

The long-term savings from artificial turf is one of its biggest appeals to Gilbert and Phoenix homeowners who are used to spending large sums on water each month. 

Seasonal Adjustments

Irrigation systems require frequent adjustments to cater to the needs of the changing seasons. Otherwise, you risk over or under-watering your lawn. These adjustments include schedule changes, water volume changes or even shutting down the irrigation system entirely.

The problem with these adjustments, not considering the costs and time you’ll spend, is that they risk damaging the system’s infrastructure. Not only are these systems costlier to manage, but they’re more delicate, too.

Synthetic turf requires little to no maintenance after initial installation. Its lush, evergreen appearance remains regardless of seasonal changes. Unlike irrigation systems, artificial grass is an investment that pays for itself quickly and continues to save you money.

Inflexible Scheduling

The pre-set schedules of lawn irrigation systems create rigid watering patterns that don’t accommodate the various factors of your lawn. These variables include soil type, sun exposure, and the above seasonal changes. 

This inflexibility leads to a lot of waste or, at worst, damage to your lawn. Synthetic grass has none of these factors and doesn’t require watering. This simplifies the overall maintenance process, saving you time, money and peace of mind.

The low-maintenance quality means you can spend more time enjoying your lawn. It also opens up creative landscaping possibilities, like a backyard putting green.

Landscape Compatibility

Many landscapes don’t even allow for irrigation systems to be installed. This landscape irregularity requires constant manual watering and maintenance. In hilly regions, water waste increases due to excess runoff, negatively impacting the environment. 

Not all landscapes are compatible with natural grass, but all landscapes are compatible with synthetic grass. It can be installed to suit your specific terrain, yard size and unique needs.

The limitless compatibility of artificial turf gives Arizona homeowners complete control over their landscapes. Save money on irrigation systems and time on manual watering by installing synthetic grass for your Arizona home. 

Get the Perfect Lawn with Artificial Grass 

There’s no need to spend money and time on natural grass when you can enjoy the same picturesque benefits without the hassle. Artificial turf is a low-maintenance lawn option that doesn’t require irrigation systems and is compatible with almost any landscape.SGW Arizona provides high-quality synthetic turf products that’ll transform your home without costly maintenance. Call us today at 800.571.1018 or contact us online for a free estimate.

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