Installing Artificial Grass? Master the Art of Edging for Professional Results

April 30, 2024

While synthetic turf in Phoenix, AZ, is famous for its low-maintenance qualities, there are a few things to consider when installing it. One essential factor is artificial turf edging. When not done correctly, your lawn will be left incomplete or worse.

Edging is a core part of synthetic grass installation. It creates a smooth transition between artificial turf products and other landscape elements, like gardens or hardscape paving. It is crucial for a flawless aesthetic and for preventing early deterioration.

At SGW Arizona, we provide installation accessories and expert guidance, which is why we’re the leading artificial turf distributor. Before embarking on your next installation, read our guide to synthetic grass edging to guarantee picture-perfect results.

Artificial Turf Edging Benefits

The benefits of synthetic grass edging go beyond the superficial. This technique ensures that your artificial turf lawn won’t shift or spread apart, which would introduce trip hazards and leave your landscape vulnerable to damage from water and other sources.

Edging secures your lawn with a tight boundary between the artificial grass products and other elements. When done correctly, your synthetic turf lawn will stay in position regardless of heavy foot traffic, fierce weather, or dogs eager to dig.

Correct edging of synthetic grass in Gilbert, AZ, boosts weed protection. The tight boundary prevents invasive plants from pushing through the surface, simplifying landscape maintenance and protecting delicate gardens and vegetation.

Artificial turf edging is a crucial detail of the installation process that secures your lawn in every conceivable way. It’s the key to designing a lavish, long-lasting oasis.

Materials for Quality Synthetic Grass Edging

The material you choose for edging will depend on various factors, including budget, aesthetic taste, and time commitment. Three primary materials are used to edge artificial grass products, and each has unique benefits and requirements.

Edging materials

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Concrete

Plastic edging is understandably the most affordable option. It also comes in various colors so that you can customize your artificial grass lawn with greater specificity. It’s easy to install, making it appealing to DIY homeowners and landscapers new to synthetic turf.

Metal is more durable and weather-resistant, ideal for locations that experience extreme storms. Depending on your aesthetic preference, you can choose between aluminum or steel finishes. Like plastic, it’s easy to install, simplifying the process.

While concrete is more expensive and complicated to install, it offers a more permanent barrier for your artificial grass landscape. Concrete boosts your lawn’s durability, securing it against heavy foot traffic and weather.

As the leading artificial grass distributor, SGW Arizona has the installation accessories you need to install edging, regardless of the material.

Installing Artificial Turf Edging

Synthetic grass edging is easier than you’d expect. When you rely on a trusted artificial grass distributor, you’ll have all the tools and expert guidance you need to complete a flawless installation.

Step one: Use stakes and string to outline the desired boundary for your synthetic grass installation. This ensures a straight, even edge and efficient install. When you prepare correctly, you’ll only have to do the job once.

Step two: Dig and clear a trench along the demarcated boundary. Measure your edging material and ensure the trench is deep enough. Remove debris, such as rocks and roots, to guarantee a smooth finish.

Step three: Install the edging material using stakes to anchor it in the trench. Check to ensure your work is level and properly aligned, then backfill the trench to compress the edging and create an even blend with your lawn.

Lastly, smooth the surface and clean any remaining debris. Clean edging is a hallmark of high-quality artificial turf in Phoenix, AZ. Carefully tending to this detail will help aspiring landscapers impress their current and future clients.

Get Support from a Reliable Artificial Turf Distributor

Completing a world-class synthetic grass distribution is effortless when you trust the friendly professionals at SGW Arizona. Since 2004, we’ve provided market-leading synthetic grass in Gilbert, AZ. We offer over 50 artificial turf products to home and business owners.

We’re the one-stop shop for all things artificial grass! Our direct delivery and same-day shipping give you the tools and products needed to elevate your landscapes. We offer premium playground turf, artificial putting greens, pet turf, and all the guidance you need.

Call SGW Arizona today at 800.571.1018 or contact us online for information on our exhaustive catalog of American-made turf products.

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