Is It Time for You to Switch to SGW Arizona as Your Artificial Turf Distributor?

January 22, 2024

Your business success depends on the synthetic grass distributor you choose as your partner. When it comes to artificial turf wholesale in Phoenix, AZ, this partnership impacts the quality of your offerings and the speed at which you can service your clients.

You might switch your artificial grass distributor for many reasons, including poor customer service and the need for higher-quality products. Sometimes, you simply outgrow old partners.

Breaking down the search for a partner into four easy-to-identify qualities will simplify the process. If your current partner isn’t meeting these standards, it’s time to find someone who does. Explore our helpful guide to choosing an artificial turf distributor in Arizona.

Market-Leading Quality

As an artificial grass installer, the quality of your synthetic turf products is vital to the success of your business. This quality is measured in terms of durability, aesthetic appeal, and product safety. Getting these right is critical to your client’s satisfaction.

SGW Arizona offers only the highest-quality artificial turf products on the market. Our synthetic grass is IPEMA-certified and manufactured non-toxic and lead-free for guaranteed safety.

Advanced UV resistance guards synthetic grass against fading or deteriorating in the scorching Arizona summers. Our products are designed to cater to the unique needs of Gilbert, AZ, residents and business owners.

Alongside durability, our synthetic turf products feature a lush, life-like appearance. Vivid, natural hues and fine blades make the luxury of a pristine landscape accessible to your clients. Once they see the difference, they’ll make you their number-one choice!

We offer guaranteed quality with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty on landscape turf and an 8-year manufacturer’s warranty on putting greens.

Simplified Ordering Experience

Running a business comes with lots of complications, and ordering artificial turf wholesale in Gilbert, AZ, shouldn’t be one of them. We understand that your business requires flexibility to adapt to the market’s changing demands.

SGW Arizona offers flexible hours, so you can order your synthetic grass wholesale whenever needed—even if you happen to do inventory at night.

A cornerstone of the ordering experience is customer service. Even the most efficient systems sometimes require a human touch, so we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service to landscapers, designers, and artificial turf installers.

If you have any issues, contact one of our synthetic grass experts for a quick solution or thoughtful guidance.

Diverse Stock of Synthetic Grass Supplies

Your partner should provide everything you need to succeed. One reason to switch your synthetic grass distributor is a limitation on product variety.

We offer an impressive 45 artificial grass products alongside crucial installation accessories, so you have everything you need to do the job. Our premium products include playground turf, pet turf, backyard putting greens and landscape turf

Our designer color series is a great way to make an impression and stand out from the competition, as these colorful alternatives are relatively rare. They’re a unique selling point for clients seeking artistic flair.

Everything you need to complete a premium artificial turf installation is available from SGW Arizona, from turf installation accessories like seam glue to synthetic grass products. This access is appealing to customers and cost-effective for you.

Direct Delivery

While a simple ordering system is excellent, it won’t make a difference unless delivery is just as effective. Keeping on schedule with your clients means getting what you need when you need it, without delay.

SGW Arizona boasts a unique, vertically integrated business model that eliminates the middleman, getting you the artificial grass products you need faster and cheaper.

We have warehouses nationwide, allowing us to deliver with same-day shipping and warehouse direct prices. We’re committed to keeping your business on schedule so you can do what you do best—transform landscapes with synthetic grass in Gilbert, AZ.

Elevate Your Business with SGW Arizona

The right artificial turf distributor will elevate your business by simplifying ordering and delivery, guaranteeing quality, and offering diverse synthetic grass products. SGW Arizona brings all of these to the table, along with premium customer service.

Our commitment to quality service has made us the number-one choice for home and business owners in Gilbert, AZ, and the wider Phoenix area. Experience the difference by getting in touch with our stellar staff today.

Call us at 800.571.1018 or contact us online for a free estimate on wholesale artificial turf.

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