The Essential Beginner’s Guide To Installing and Customizing Turf Putting Greens

June 21, 2024

You don’t have to drive to the country club to enjoy a few casual rounds on the green. You can enjoy a casual short game in your backyard thanks to artificial turf putting greens. This luxury addition can benefit homeowners and landscape artists alike!

Synthetic grass products rival their natural grass counterparts. They offer a lifelike feel and luxury aesthetic, with innovative features that reduce expenses and maintenance headaches. Artificial grass stays fresh longer with less work required, perfect for crafting versatile putting greens for homeowners.

Whether you’re a DIY homeowner or a blossoming landscaper, SGW Arizona has the expertise to help you complete an exceptional backyard putting green. Explore our beginner’s guide, then find the necessary products for artificial turf in Phoenix, AZ.

Choosing a Suitable Size

Survey your lawn space and decide how much you want to use for an artificial grass putting green. Golf course scale dictates much of your final design, including how dynamic you can make your course and how many holes can be installed.

Landscape turf allows superior customization. Since landscapers aren’t locked into specific dimensions, even the smallest lawns can feature an elegant golf course. However, larger spaces can add backyard putting greens alongside other lawn features like pools, gardens, and lounge seating.

At SGW Arizona, we offer flexible synthetic turf distribution to accommodate lawns of all shapes and sizes! Create stunning backyard putting greens with the help of our dedicated experts and superior, American-made turf.

Creating a Unique Layout

Once you’ve established the size, you need to dictate the layout. Artificial grass putting greens come in many shapes, including rectangular, kidney-shaped, circular, and freeform. The layout of your backyard putting green dictates the playing style and strategic challenges.

Create a dynamic golf course that caters to all ages! Add small, beginner-level greens alongside a more complicated putting course with twists and geometric challenges. A versatile design allows children to play alongside adults during neighborhood gatherings.

Add Slopes for a Dynamic Playing Experience

If you want to challenge your short gamer, add slopes and gradients to infuse unpredictability into your outdoor putting green. These features enhance your practice, requiring more complex strategizing and leading to a fulfilling playing experience.

Choose the gradient degree to suit your playing style and practice goals. Nothing mimics the experience of a professional golf course like adding slopes, undulations, and gradients. Go even further with thicker synthetic grass products that provide chipping practice.

Skill-Tailored Hole Positioning

Refine your difficulty level with strategic hole placement across your artificial turf putting green. You can incorporate multiple holes for varied difficulty levels, creating a dynamic playing experience that targets different skills.

The design possibilities are near limitless! Place holes on the edge of your backyard putting green or at the top of slopes to challenge your distance control. A unique hole configuration provides endless gameplay variations, increasing engagement and satisfaction.

The Right Artificial Turf Products

Choosing the right artificial turf products is essential to getting the most out of your backyard putting green. Premium synthetic grass is engineered with innovative technology, such as drainage systems, UV resistance, and sturdy backings, that maintain its quality regardless of heavy use or extreme weather.

Function isn’t the only important factor in synthetic turf. Different types of artificial grass have unique hue combinations to mimic different kinds of grass. When you find the right synthetic turf, you’ll create an elegant backyard putting green that blends with your home aesthetic.

At SGW Arizona, we offer over 50 types of artificial turf in Gilbert, AZ. Our dedicated experts can guide you through our turf products and help you choose synthetic grass for your putting green installation. All putting greens are covered with an 8-year manufacturer warranty to guarantee lasting satisfaction.

Call SGW Arizona today at 800.571.1018 or contact us online for a free estimate on artificial turf distribution!

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