Artificial Grass for Dogs: Important Pet Turf Installation Tips To Consider

February 27, 2024

Pet owners looking to create a private oasis for their four-legged friends will love artificial turf in Phoenix, AZ. It provides unparalleled comfort, a life-like appearance, and advanced features that save pet owners time and money.

Correct synthetic grass installation is essential to get the most out of your pet-friendly turf. It maximizes maintenance efficiency and improves your environment’s cleanliness when done right. It also prevents your dog from digging beneath the landscape.

The artificial turf products and installation accessories available at SGW Arizona won’t help unless you know how to install synthetic grass properly. If you’re new to synthetic turf, read our guide to creating a luxury pet oasis!

Best Pet Turf Install Locations

One appeal of artificial pet turf is that it can be installed almost anywhere. Outdoors or indoors, wherever you need it. Pet turf can be used to maximize your dog’s lifestyle and provide dynamic landscape or interior design features.

Install landscape turf outside to give your pet a cozy space where they can lounge and play without fear of damaging your lawn. Robust backings hold turf fibers in place during even the most vigorous tug of war.

Since dogs use your backyard as a bathroom and a play space, advanced drainage systems eliminate pet messes to produce a clean, odor-free environment.

Pet turf can also be used on patios and balconies so city-living pups can enjoy the benefits of a lush green lawn. Use artificial turf products instead of a doggy bed on your patio so your dog can lounge on a soft bed of synthetic grass while you enjoy summer barbecues.

Artificial grass is ideal for pet owners without balconies or private yards. Give your dog a comfortable place to relax in your apartment with pet turf. As an added benefit, you’ll brighten your interior with rich green hues.

Optimal Types of Synthetic Turf

When choosing synthetic turf in Phoenix, AZ, SGW offers two luxurious styles. While both provide a freshly-grown appearance, they offer unique benefits depending on your needs as a pet owner.

Basic Pet Turf has a K29 quadruple-layer backing for increased drainage that eliminates pet messes and rain puddles. Say goodbye to muddy paws! Engineered with TigerCool technology, it reduces the temperature of your lawn by 15 percent! 

Our Everlast Pet Turf has a rich, midsummer hue and comfortable s-curve fibers. It includes a polyurethane backing, providing maximum flexibility that is ideal for regions with temperature fluctuations.

Both synthetic grass products feature short turf fibers that offer a comfortable, sturdy surface for your dog to lounge and play on.

Keys to Successful Pet Turf Installation

While it may seem simple, it’s best to trust experienced artificial grass installers with your project. This ensures seamless integration with your home aesthetic and prevents premature deterioration due to misaligned seams or loose corners.

If you’re an emerging landscaper or a DIY professional, remember that a quality pet turf installation begins with a smooth and even foundation. Consider placing a weed barrier on top of this to prevent invasive plants from encroaching on your lawn.

Securely tuck the edges of synthetic turf to prevent shifting, curling, or folds. Staple seams to hold them in place while you check their alignment, then apply seam glue for maximum hold.

Install accessories

Complete your pet turf installation with turf infill. Infill keeps turf fibers upright, creating a fully-grown appearance, and provides crucial ballast. Antimicrobial infill can be added to tackle lingering bacteria from pet messes.

Pet-Safe Turf Solutions from SGW Arizona

SGW Arizona has everything you need to create a picture-perfect dog park at home. We provide market-leading artificial turf products alongside installation accessories. We also offer playground turf, landscape turf, and backyard putting greens.

We compliment our high-quality products with exemplary customer service. Our flexible hours and direct delivery make it easy to transform your home with artificial grass in Gilbert, AZ. Various manufacturer warranties provide peace of mind with every product.

Call SGW Arizona today at 800.571.1018 or contact us online for a free estimate.

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